Bundok Drilling Services

Who we are

Peter Draper Peter Draper is a former Director of several publicly listed companies and owner of East West Drilling Services which operated for 25 years until its sale in 2005. Peter's drilling company operated in several countries, often in remote regions, including Australia, Sweden, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria, Vietnam and the Philippines.

After a few years break from business he set up Bundok Drilling Services Corporation predominately to manufacture deep capacity man-portable coring rigs.

Our History

The Australian founders were searching for an alternative to the extensive, and often expensive and environmentally problematic, site preparation including bulldozing drill access roads at the Runruno gold/molybdenum project (now in construction) in the Philippines. It was concluded that there was nothing in the marketplace that could be man-carried in extremely steep terrain and drill HQ core to depths up to 250 metres. This resulted in the decision to purchase what was available and with modifications, improve their mobility and depth capacity. The end result was a rig that could be dis-assembled, man-handled, carried and re-assembled in a very short space of time, using just manual labour and foot trails for access. What is now being offered for sale is an extremely morphed version of the original rigs that has since drilled more than 1000 drill holes to depths of 250 metres HQ with minimal downtime.

Our Business

Our business has now diversified from its early beginnings and we now manufacture rigs for the water well, exploration and horizontal directional drilling industries. We also manufacture and supply numerous lines of drill rods and downhole consumables.

Our business is centred on being able to supply cost effective, quality equipment that is easily maintained.

Standardization has been one of our objectives in designing all of our rigs. Consequently, various models share various common components.

Rig design is drawn using CAD software which allows a high degree of precision in manufacture using CNC controlled lathes, milling, water jet cutting and other machine-tools.

Coupled with an extensive parts inventory, our customers can order parts full knowing that they will get what they order and what they order fits.

The origin of "Bundok"

"Bundok" is the Filipino Tagalog word meaning 'mountain'. The term was adopted by US soldiers occupying the Philippines during the 1898 Spanish-American war, and brought back to the US in its modified form 'Boondock'. It was originally used to mean specific areas, characterizeable as wild, desolate, rugged or uninhabitable country. Now it is used more generically to mean an area relatively free of development or civilization, the boonies, the backwoods or the sticks. The diminutive "the boonies" can be heard in films about the Vietnam War such as Brian De Palma's Casualties of War. Down in the Boondocks is a song written and produced by Joe South and sung by Billy Joe Royal. It was a hit in 1965. It tells the story of a young man who laments that people put him down because he was born in the boondocks.

The word first appeared in print in 1944. In that year General Douglas MacArthur, together with the Philippine Commonwealth President Manuel Quezon, landed on Leyte's shoreline on October 21, 1944, with the words "I have returned," and led the reconquest of the Philippines, wresting them from the hands of the Japanese, who had expelled MacArthur and his troops from the islands in March 1942. Then, as he was secreted away to safety in Australia, MacArthur had announced, "I shall return."


  • icon-NQCapable of 250 meters NQ
  • icon-stopwatchMan-portable



  • icon-HQCapable of 400 metres HQ
  • icon-stopwatchMan-portable



  • icon-hqCapable of 400 metres HQ
  • icon-cogwheelCrawler mounted
  • icon-stopwatchMan-portable/Heli-portable



  • icon-HQCapable of 600 metres HQ
  • icon-cogwheelCrawler mounted



  • icon-cogwheelMounted on rail car

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  • icon-BQCapable of 2000 meters BQ
  • icon-cogwheelCrawler mounted
  • icon-stopwatchHeli-portable

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