Bundok Drilling Services



The XT1000 is a compact diamond drill rig, which is purpose built for exploration projects in extreme terrain.

The XT1000 has a very small footprint compared to its competitors and comes as standard mounted on a remote controlled crawler carrier.

The Rig has duel engines that can be run independently of each other, which gives significant fuel savings when the hole is at a shallow depth and lessor horsepower is required.

All cylinders are fitted with double overcenter valves. Emergency Stops on all 4 corners.

Standard Design Features

Drill Mast
  • 6 metre rod pull capacity
  • Capable of angles from vertical to 45°
  • 1200mm mast dump
Diesel Engine
  • Two Engine Configurations.
  • 2 x Fiat Diesel Engines - 240HP (total)
  • 2 x Kubota Diesel Engines – 152HP (total)
Rotation Head
  • Two speed top head drive
  • High - Low on the run gear change
  • Steeples speed control 0 - 550 rpm low gear, 0 - 1100 rpm high gear
  • Large thrust bearings to handle pulldown/pullback forces
Rotation Head Output Torque
  • 970 Nm (716 ftlbs) @ 1100 rpm
  • 1940 Nm (1432 ftlbs) @ 550 rpm
Head Traverse
  • Hydraulic cylinder over roller chains 2:1 ratio
  • 3.6m head travel
  • Hydraulic sideways racking of rotation head
Pull Down
  • 12.8 Tonnes
Pull Back Force
  • 17.3 Tonnes
Haul Winch
  • Mast top mounted, single line pull
  • Maximum pull 64.9kN (14,600 lbf)
  • Failsafe brake mechanism (spring applied, hydraulic release)
Wireline Winch
  • Capacity of 2128m of 5mm wire rope
  • Maximum pull 1 TONNE (bare drum)
Wireline Winch Speed
  • Maximum speed 243m/minute (full drum)
Break Out
  • Hydraulically powered 48" Ridgid Stillson
Rod Clamps & Slips Table
  • Hydraulically operated rod clamp
  • Easy to remove jaws
  • PQ, HQ and NQ jaws
Mud Pump
  • FMC W11-22 Triplex Pump
  • Sauer Danfoss pumps and motors
  • One closed and two open loop hydraulic circuits
  • Full flow 10micron Beta rated return oil filtration
  • Four hydraulically operated jacks for ease of leveling.
Mud Mixer
  • Hydraulically operated mud mixer with 15 metres of hydraulic hose
Rod Spin Guard
  • Cages off the rotating rods from the operator
Depth Capacities
Diamond Coring
  • BQ - 2000m
  • NQ - 1500m
  • HQ - 800m
  • PQ - 550m
Carrier Options

Rig comes as standard mounted on crawler tracks with high grip bulldozer style grouser plates. Crawler Tracks are driven from the rig hydraulics.

Truck Mounted Skid Mounted

Specifications are valid as of December 2012 and are subject to change by Bundok in accordance with their policies to update and improve their products.