Bundok Drilling Services



The XT400THD is an all hydraulic Top Head Drive diamond core drilling rig with 3.5 metre feed travel which comes as standard mounted on an autonomous set of heavy-duty crawler tracks.

The rig is equipped with a Rineer Rotation Drill Head, which was originally developed for the oil field industry. The drill head can slide off to one side, for ready access to the drill string, and also tilts horizontally to allow rods to be easily and safely added to the drill head at ground level.

The 'heli-portable' option pack allows the XT400THD to be easily and quickly broken down into five 450kg modules. 450kg is the optimal weight for mobilising equipment using the most common workhorse helicopter, the Bell B206 Jetranger.

The 'man-portable' option pack allows the XT400THD to be further dismantled into components with a maximum weight of approximately 200kg.


Standard Design Features

Drill Mast
  • Mast: Lightweight, 2 sections.
  • Drilling Range: -45° to -90° (vertical)
Rod Clamps & Slips Table
  • Hydraulically operated rod clamps: NQ, HQ & PQ jaws
Wireline Winch
  • Capacity: 1000 metres (4.5 mm, non-rotating wire rope)
  • Maximum pull – bare drum: 10 kN
  • Sauer Danfoss pumps
  • Closed Loop for rotation, and Open Loop for all other functions
  • Full flow 10 micron 'Beta rated' return oil filtration
  • Four hydraulically operated jacks for ease of leveling
  • Standard in heli-portable & man-portable option packs
Mud Mixer
  • Hydraulically operated mud mixer with 15 metres of hydraulic hose
Engine Power
  • Fiat: 120 horsepower, lightweight, turbo-charged diesel engine
  • Engine protection: auto shut down system
Depth Capacities *
  • NQ (750m), HQ (400m), PQ (200m)
Rotation Drill Head
  • Rineer Motor: hydraulic driven, hollow shaft, high torque, 2 speed
Rotation Output Torque
  • 895 ft/lbs (1213nm) @ 1000 rpm.
Feed System
  • Hydraulically operated pullback and pulldown
  • Fine control over feed pressure and holdback
  • 3.5 meter feed stroke
Pull Down Force
  • 5000 kg
Pull Back Force
  • 9000 kg
Water Pump
  • BD42 Triplex Pump: hydraulic driven, 2 speed
  • 160 lpm (42 USgpm) @ 2758 kpa (400 psi)
  • 120 lpm (32 USgpm) @ 3792 kpa (550 psi)
  • Standard configuration: mounted on crawler tracks with high profile grip 'bulldozer style' grouser plates (tracks are driven using rig hydraulics)
  • Max driving inclination: -30° to +30° in direction of travel & -15° to +15° across direction of travel
  • Optional configurations: Truck- or Skid- mounted
  • Track-mounted:4.5 Tonnes
Shipping Dimensions
  • One unit per 20' sea container

* Core Drilling depth capacities quoted are nominal and based on straight vertical holes. No allowance is made for downhole friction losses due to broken ground, etc.

Specifications are valid as of December 2012 and are subject to change by Bundok in accordance with their policies to update and improve their products.