Bundok Drilling Services


The DW150 is a full hydraulic Top Head Drive water well drilling rig that is suitable for drilling 6” diameter holes to a depth of 150m or larger holes to a lessor depth.

The Rig is modular in design and if necessary can be broken down in to several lightweight components that can be carried along foot trails or into confined spaces and then reassembled for operation.


The DW150 in action

Standard Design Features

Drill Mast
  • Mast: Drilling Range: -45° to -90° (vertical)
  • 3 hydraulic gear pumps with full flow 10 micron ‘Beta rated’ return oil filtration
  • Each rig comes with 12,000# wind down jacks for stability while drilling.
Mud Pump
  • The rig comes with a infinitely variable hydraulically driven centrifugal mud pump
Engine Power
  • 35 horsepower diesel engine driving triple section gear pumps
Depth Capacities *
  • 6” hole to 150 metres
Rotation System
  • Heavy Duty infinitely variable Top Head Drive. Hydraulically Driven
Rotation Drill Head
  • 3.5:1 rotation gearbox with a 130cc Gerola motor
Rotation Output Torque
  • Maximum torque: 2089 ft/lbs
Feed System
  • Hydraulically operated infinitely variable feed system
  • Fine control over feed pressure and holdback
Pull Down Force
  • 4000 kg
Pull Back Force
  • 7000 kg
  • Drill Bits - Winch – Mud Tanks – Drill Rods
Carrier Options
  • Trailer – Crawler Tracks – Light Truck
Shipping Dimensions
  • 2 units per 20’ container

* Drilling depth capacities quoted are nominal and based on straight vertical holes. No allowance is made for downhole friction losses due to broken ground, etc.

Specifications are valid as of June 2016 and are subject to change by Bundok in accordance with their policies to update and improve their products.