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Providing quality drilling expertise in the following areas:

Ground Anchors

Ground Anchors, otherwise known as an earth, percussion driven or mechanical anchors, are versatile devices used to hold, restrain and support building, civil engineering and other structures, either permanently or temporarily.

A water well is much more than a hole in the ground. To prevent groundwater contamination, proper methods and equipment must be used. The Bundok Drilling team utilises the correct equipment and applies extensive knowledge and experience when conducting water well drilling without compromising safety or the environment.

Monitoring Wells refers to the monitoring of local groundwater resources to evaluate changes in chemical, biological and physical characteristics. We take extra care when constructing and installing Monitoring Wells.

The stability of slopes is important in the design of such excavations as open pits, quarries, and foundations, and in natural slopes forming cliffs, valley sides, and reservoirs, where movement may have serious consequences. Bundok Drilling has several slope stabilisation drilling rigs for a variety of methods.

Soil improvement in its broadest sense is the alteration of any property of a soil to improve its engineering performance such as strength, reduced compressibility, reduced permeability. Bundok Drilling uses various techniques to improve the condition of soil based on the construction activity and type of soil.

Micropiles, or minipiles, are foundation structural elements constructed using high strength, small-diameter, typically 6 to 12” (150 to 300 mm), steel casing and/or threaded bar, which are encased and surrounded by grout within soil or rock. Bundok Drilling can install micropiles to help reduce project costs and shorten project timelines.

Bundok Drilling has its own 12m x 4m Shallow Water Jack-up Barge capable of supporting a geotechnical drilling rig and all the ancillary equipment.

HDD is a minimal impact trenchless method of installing underground utilities such as pipe, conduit or cables in a relatively shallow arc or radius along a prescribed underground path using a surface-launched drilling rig. Bundok Drilling possess all the know-how and equipment to conduct this type of drilling work for you up to diameters of 850mm.

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